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About Us

What is a Larkshead?

A Lark's head is not simply the head of a songbird. It is the name of the most common knot used for zipper pulls. Why name our company after a knot? 

Larkshead zipper pull knot detail

We Are: Detail. Simplicity. Strength.

The Larkshead knot is small but powerful. We focus on small details because they are what make powerful products.

The Larkshead knot is beautiful in its simplicity, which is our approach to design. We create minimalistic apparel focused on fit, form, and function. 

The harder you pull the Larkshead knot, the tighter it becomes. We aim to bring people together and strengthen bonds, fighting against the forces that pull us apart. 

You Can't Pull Us Apart

What matters to YOU matters to US

We wake up every morning with one goal – to create products that are PERSONAL. We want to make apparel that reflects what is most important to you: your cause, your organization, your team, your message to the world. We are flexible in our approach, changing designs as quick as the world does. So, let us know what matters most to you.

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