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Wear What Matters

When we started Larkshead, we knew right away our goal was to create higher quality and more technical sportswear. For us, technical meant using the best materials we could find, incorporating thoughtful design, and providing a sleek, fitted look. The objective was clear and we worked hard to achieve it. We are very proud of our initial launch of our Signature Hoodie, Pocketed Pullover and Everyday Joggers.

What we didn’t know was how we could help our customers celebrate the pride they have in their lives. It was an evolution months in the making. We initially focused on the pride people have in their hometowns, communities, neighborhoods, cities and states. Since we were starting Larkshead in Philadelphia, it was easy to see all the unique and diverse range of neighborhoods. After walking around our own neighborhood, we saw how much pride people had in the colleges, universities, and schools they attended. There were so many different organizations, places, teams, and interests that it was hard to pin down one particular focus. What we came to realize was that we needed to create a platform to help our customers express what matters most to them.

After months of brainstorming and debating different ideas, we settled on our innovative patch system. Our design philosophy was simple – whatever was applied to the garments had to look permanently embroidered but have the ability to easily change according to our customers needs. Iron on patches wouldn’t work, it was too much work and they couldn’t be removed. Our solution was sewing in loop backed velcro with the Larkshead logo into all of our garments. We dyed all the velcro the same color as our fabrics, giving it a subtle and polished look. Hook backed velcro patches could now be placed over all of our logos and be removed at will. We could now have a logo or design on our clothing without it being permanent.

Now that we have the platform, we created our initial round of patches that mean the most to us. For some of our designs, we have attached a cause or charity to help raise money and bring awareness to a problem. Our Deconstructed Heart patch resonates the most with the entire Larkshead team. We are not afraid to show our emotions and wear our hearts on our sleeve. In addition, the Larkshead team has been directly affected by the heart condition called Atrial Fibrillation -- an arrhythmia that impacts millions of people in the United States. For more information, you can read about it at For every Deconstructed Heart patch we sell, Larkshead will donate $10 to the American Heart Association.

We’ve shared with you our own designs and the things that matter to us. While we hope some resonate with our customers, our reason for being is to create custom patches and designs that matter to you. Send us all forms of feedback, we want to know! You can email us at or message and post on social media what you would like to see. No matter how far along you are, whether you have a design already or just an idea, we can help make your custom patch a reality. Most importantly, if there is a particular cause, charity, interest, or organization that we can support and promote, let us know!


The Larkshead Team

Photo Credits: The cover photo was taken by the University of Pennsylvania and provided to the public by the Office of University Communications.