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Urban Environmentalism

This next week is highlighted by two celebrations of the environment, Earth Day on April 22nd followed up by Arbor Day on the 27th. We started Larkshead with a simple idea – let’s create high quality sportswear and rep the interests and causes that mean the most to us. Environmentalism was top of our list. The problem was we lived in an urban environment. How could we really feel a connection to the environment if we lived in the center of a major American city? We didn’t have an office next to the Pacific Ocean where our employees could go surfing during lunch. We weren’t next to the mountains to go skiing. All around us was concrete and buildings with the occasional trees.

Having researched hundreds of different environmental causes, our view changed when we came across the Arbor Day Foundation. We didn’t really understand much about the organization other than they planted trees on Arbor Day. What struck a chord was how they described Arbor Day. Most holidays are reflective, honoring special occasions or remembering an event so that we don’t repeat it. Arbor Day is about the future, a holiday of hope. Just plant a tree, it is simplistic to the point of being naïve. How can one tree make a difference with all the environmental problems in the world? Trees don’t grow overnight and the symbolic act of planting a tree signals that we care about future generations. It all seemed a little sappy but in a seemingly endless amount of bad news, this simple act can be cathartic.[1]

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that change the way we see the world. Walking around Philadelphia, we no longer saw the concrete buildings. We saw the solitary tree that seemed to hang over 16th st in Center City. We found the little hidden parks that we took for granted. Spring is always a colorful time of year but this year was different. The cherry blossoms were like a sea of pink painted on the trees. Running through old city we saw a woman stop in the middle of a cobblestone street, looking at a cherry blossom confused. Was that always there? Why am I just noticing that? Even down to the last flower pots attached to the beautiful colonial houses. The most insignificant little tree or plant. Will it stop global warming or make a difference? Maybe not. But someone cares about the future and that can be just as important.

Even if you live in a city this week, there are plenty of ways to feel connected to the environment. In Philadelphia, Yards Brewing Company and TreePhilly are hosting Arbrew Day on April 20th where you can get a free yard tree! See below for more info. If you are pressed on time, take a look around on your commute and notice all the wonderful green spaces. If you change your perspective, you’ll start noticing the trees instead of the buildings. Research your area for upcoming green projects. The entire Larkshead Team could not be more excited for the upcoming opening of The Rail Park in Philly. The initial phase of the park will be a beautiful green space set on unused rail lines with spectacular views of Center City. The aerial pictures below are amazing. The park is slated to open in July so here’s to the future. Finally, check out our Buy Less Plant More patches. For every patch sold we donate $10 back to the Arbor Day Foundation. 

PHOTO CREDITS - Drone footage provided by Philly by Drone & Lawn and Garden Landscaping 


The Rail Park


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